Our stealth grow boxes are of superior standard, provide optimal plant growth, and are sold at a fraction of the price of any other comparable hydroponic or soil-based stealth grow box.

Our Stealth Grow Boxes :

  • Our stealth units beat any pc box and compete with higher end hydroponic cabinets at a lower price.
  • Our grow boxes include everything you’ll need and total yield will amaze you!
  • Simply plug in our custom raising cabin and your up and running immediately.
  • We use high end material and tools, and making the overall highest quality product available.
  • We also have more competitive prices than anyone else
  • We also provide free grow support and you can already start reading our Grow Guide.
Because we sell the most value for money Grow Boxes in the market.
Our aim is to empower people to grow on their own herbs or plants, whatever they wish to.
We do our best to keep you happy.
Just give us your Custom Order and we will do our best to build a Custom Stealth Grow Box that fits your needs!

Why Use a Grow Box?

    Indoor growing has many advantages over outdoor planting as it secures your plants from bugs and pests while providing stable environment! And the most important thing! People usually buy a stealth raising system to keep any guests away from their plants.

    Use our boxes to shelter your plants at night or grow your plants from start to finish will save you money and provide you with healthy food and herbs.

    To be a successful indoor gardener, you need to understand how the interior environment affects plant growth and how cultivation differs from raising plants outdoors.

    Cabinets have many different pieces of equipment that improve plant growth and yields. The system, once all together, will usually allow its owner to control all conditions inside the cabinet to make them perfect for growth.

Thank you guys, everything needed to get started is there, can’t wait to grow my herbs. This is a well put together tool for indoor growing.
Jonathan Dean
Wonderful results, beyond my expectations. Customer service is great! Highly recommended.
Sam Pritchard.
I received my product way before the estimated time of arrival. It arrived well packaged and very secure. As a result everything was in tact and included as it should be. Thank you.

Dylan Palmer
I purchased this small cabinet from you and am very happy with it.Super quality made box and superb customer service.
Toby Johnson.
I would like to let everyone know how truly great the people are who run this company. They are dedicated caring people who really believe in what they are doing.
Jay Martin.
I have been doing indoor gardens for years now, but I cannot deny this system you guys have put together is by far the best system I have found. The results are stunning. Thank you again!
William Leonard.