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Get the Best Grow Box in Europe & UK

Simply Plug in your Grow Box and you're ready to Raise your Own Plants!

Control your grow cabinet from a Mobile App with Add-Ons provided.
Customised 3D Printed Activated carbon filter for odour control.
Light-proof design.

Start an indoor garden & grow your own plants and vegetables!

Stealth grow box

Tech Specs

Grow lights represent one of the key factors in successful indoor organic growth. Choose between two highly beneficial lighting options for your plants: a known top quality LED light or strong CFL grow lights. We provide the most productive grow lights in the market.
Upgrades at a step away! All our grow cabinets can be equipped with multiple Ad-ons to make your life as an indoor grower easier. Choose a 360 Camera to watch your plants grow or check temps and humidity through an App! These and more upgrades are waiting for you to fully automate your stealth grow box!
Each Grow Box comes equipped with a scrog net to control and keep your plants at an optimum height.
Our plug & play complete grow kits come ready assembled. Most of the grow boxes in the market are delivered in pieces and you will need time and tools to assemble them to a complete system to be able to start growing your plants.
Control unwanted odours with our activated carbon filter. In combination with an exhaust fan, odours are manageable, regardless the plant you are growing.
It’s easy to keep your herbs/plants safe from intruders with our small grow cabinets that come with an integrated locker with keys.
stealth led grow cabinet with led grow lights

LED Grow Box

This stealth grow box produces great yields within a self contained growing environment. It comes with well known quality Led grow lights.

CFL stealth grow box cabinet

CFL Grow Box

Our CFL grow cabinet runs with 2x 85W compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with a total of 10.000 lumens which will make your plants thrive.

Hydroponic Led stealth grow box
LED Grow Box Hydroponic

Everything you would expect to be able to raise your own plants. Hydroponic system with Led grow lights is one of the best combinations.

Automated Grow box
Flower/Herb Dryer Function
The job of our grow cabinets doesn’t stop with harvesting. You can dry your harvested flowers or herbs by using our grow box and get them ready for consumption!
  • Use our scrog net as a hanger for your flowers or herbs.
  • Turn off the grow lights.
  • Turn on the fans.
  • Set up the speed of the fans by using the speed controller
  • Close the door of the grow box and the drying process will start.
Herb drying process could take from 5-10 days depending on the speed of the fan. We recommend setting the speed to low. This way you can ensure a smooth drying process for your buds/herbs/flowers.

We are proud to present

The best selling grow cabinets in Europe and UK!

  • Produce great yields and keep your plants protected within a self-contained environment (plug and play).
  • Will allow you to control the conditions inside the grow cabinet depending on your plant of choice, for an optimum growth and yield.
  • You will get a higher success rate than with any other similar equipment or stealth grow box.
  • Free Shipping for all our cabinets to the EU!
Why Use a Grow Box?

Indoor growing has many advantages over outdoor, as it secures your plants from bugs and pests, whilst providing a stable environment!

Furthermore, it is equally important that people usually buy a stealth raising system to keep unwanted guests away from their herbs or vegetables.

Using our stealth boxes to shelter your herbs and raise them from start to finish, will save you money and provide you with a decent yield of dry herbs or fresh vegetables compared to the growing space.

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