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Our stealth grow boxes are of superior standard, provide optimal plant growth, and are sold at a fraction of the price of any other comparable hydroponic or soil-based stealth grow box.

LED Grow Box
Our Led Grow Box produces great yield results within a self contained growing environment. It comes with a top and known quality 600W LED grow light.
CFL Grow Box
Our CFLgrow cabinet runs with 2 x 85W compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with a total brightness of 10.000 lumens which will make your plants thrive.
LED Grow Box Hydro
Complete with everything you would expect to grow your own. Our Hydroponic Led Grow Box comes with a 600W LED grow light and hydro system.
CFL GrowBox Hydro
This plug and play hydroponic CFL grow box system will make your plants to thank you. The perfect lighting is ensured by 10.000 lumens.
stealth grow box grow lights

Grow lights represent one of the key factors in successful indoor organic growth.

Choose between two highly beneficial lighting options for your plants: a known top quality 600W LED light or strong CFL grow lights.

stealth grow box plug

Upgrades at a step away! All our grow boxes come with a multi-plug with 3 normal sockets and 2 USB slots, which allows future box upgrades.

stealth grow box scrog net

Each Grow Box comes equipped with a scrog net to control and keep your plants at an optimum height.

stealth grow box fan

Our grow boxes come ready assembled with a quality fan to ensure your plants get all the fresh air they need at all time.

stealth grow box carbon filter

Control unwanted odours with our activated carbon filter. In combination with an exhaust fan, odours are manageable, regardless the plant you are growing.

stealth grow box locker

It’s easy to keep your herbs/plants safe from intruders (and child-proof) with our grow boxes that come with an integrated locker with keys.

Why Use a Grow Box?

Indoor growing has many advantages over outdoor planting, as it secures your plants from bugs and pests, while providing a stable environment! And just as important, people usually buy a stealth raising system to keep guests away from their plants.

Using our boxes to shelter your plants at night or grow your plants from start to finish will save you money and provide you with a healthy yield of vegetables and herbs.

  • The system comes assembled (plug and play).
  • It will allow you to control the conditions inside the grow cabinet depending on your plant of choice, for an optimum growth and yield.
  • You’ll get a higher success rate than with any grow tent.
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