Welcome to Stealthgrowbox.co.uk

Based in Greece, we provide delivery of our grow boxes in Europe and UK. We have been operating since 2012 and have experienced a steady growth in business due to our honesty and reliability.

Our grow boxes are of the highest quality and our catalogue has something for everyone. With the best value for money, our grow boxes are the most competitive on the market. These self-contained environments or grow boxes are made using high end materials and are polished to a perfection. The yield, will amaze even the most experienced grower.

Space should never be a constraint, when you are thinking of growing. We provide stealth grow boxes for all kinds of plants or herbs. We have a variety of grow boxes to suite the various requirements of different customers.

Our aim is to empower people to grow on their own, whatever they wish to. To that end, we provide grow instructions completely free of cost. No one should have to pay to learn how to grow and now no one needs to!

Our stealth grow boxes are discrete, which do not ruin the aesthetics of your home, they will actually add to the beauty of your place.

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