CFL Grow Box

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We are proud to present one of the most powerful grow boxes in the market. Our CFL grow cabinet runs with 2 strong cfl’s that emmit a total 10.000 lumens of the exact light spectrum your plants love. It is a complete plug and play grow box and you can grow up to four plants.

The completely assembled and ready to use CFL grow box we are offering includes:

One of the most important parts of growing your own plants is to reassure they get enough light and we are offering you more than enough!

– 1 x 85W bulb for vegetative stage (cool white) with a total of 5.000 lumens (E27 socket)

– 1 x 85W bulb for flowering stage (warm white) with a total of 5.000 lumens (E27 socket)

⇒ It's recommended to use both lamps in flowering stage and you’ll have a total of 10.000 lumens of growing power

cfl grow lights

Activated Carbon Filter for odour elimination

mini carbon filter

Additional equipment:
  • Check Temps/Humidity via Mobile App!
  • Odour elimination with our custom 3D printed activated carbon filter system.
  • Fully Integrated Cooling System with 80mm fan to provide fresh air with 3D printed light-trap and 120mm fan for exhaust.
  • 24h timer
  • Scrog net
  • Locker with keys
  • Designed to look like a wooden cabinet.
  • Grow box dimensions: 45cm X 40cm X 90cm height.
  • No light coming in or out of the grow box.
  • The Grow Box is entirely covered in the interior with Diamond Mylar reflecting material that provides 99% light reflection.

⇒ Basic version includes everything above and is ready to Plug & Grow.

You can upgrade your CFL Grow Box by adding several Add Ons to your Cart.

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 40 × 45 × 90 cm


dry your herbsFlower/Herb Dryer Function

The job of our grow cabinets doesn’t stop with harvesting. You can dry your harvested flowers or herbs by using our grow box and get them ready for consumption!


Use our scrog net as a hanger for your flowers or herbs.
Turn off the grow lights.
Turn on the fans.
Set up the speed of the fans by using the speed controller
Close the door of the grow box and the drying process will start.

More info

Herb drying process could take from 5-10 days depending on the speed of the fan. We recommend setting the speed to low. This way you can ensure a smooth drying process for your buds/herbs/flowers.

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Nice and powerful. I love the scrog net

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