Hydroponic CFL grow box

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Our powerful hydroponic stealth grow box. We are proud to bring you the elite of grow boxes available today, our Hydroponic CFL grow box cabinet runs with 2 strong CFLs, that emit a total 10.000 lumens when they run together and at the exact light spectrum your plants love. A plug and play hydroponic grow box system, you can raise up to four of your favorite plants in complete security. Hydroponic CFL grow box

Delivered to you assembled and ready to grow, our Hydroponic Grow Box CFL includes:

  • 1 x 85W bulb for vegetative stage (cool white) with a total of 5.000 lumens (E27 socket)
  • 1 x 85W bulb for flowering stage (warm white) with a total of 5.000 lumens (E27 socket)

⇒ It's recommended to use both lamps in flowering stage and you’ll have a total of 10.000 lumens of growing power

Ready to use Hydroponic grow system for two plants that includes:

  1. Hailea Adjustable Air Pump
  2. Hailea airstone 4″
  3. Airline connection
  4. 1 x 20liters container
  5. 2 x 80mm netpots
  6. 2 x Cell Trays
  7. Hydrocorn for net pots

Activated Carbon Filter for odour elimination

mini carbon filter

Additional equipment:
  • Check Temps/Humidity via Mobile App!
  • Odour control with our custom 3D printed activated carbon filter system.
  • Fully Integrated Cooling System with 80mm fan to provide fresh air with 3D printed light-trap and 120mm fan for exhaust.
  • 24h timer
  • Scrog net
  • Locker with keys
  • Designed to look like a wooden cabinet.
  • Grow box dimensions: 45cm X 40cm X 90cm height.
  • No light coming in or out of the grow box.
  • The Grow Box is entirely covered in the interior with Diamond Mylar reflecting material that provides 99% light reflection.

⇒ Basic version includes everything above and is ready to Plug & Grow.

You can upgrade your Hydroponic CFL Grow Box by adding several Add Ons to your Cart.

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 40 × 45 × 90 cm

8 reviews for Hydroponic CFL grow box

Jennifer Dixon

Low electricity costs and looks like a normal furniture in my home.. wonderful grow box.. Thank you!

George Burrows

Awesome grow box with a complete hydro system! Delivery took 2 days more than expected but no worries here. Thanks! George.

Max Farrell

It works! i think i ll try the led grow box with the hydroponic system in a few months..thanks! 

Finley Knight

I love my new grow box! Thanks!

Alfie Brennan

Great product! My veggies are enjoying this! I love my new grow box!!

Josh Gilbert

I have been researching grow boxes for about two months. And i think i found the best possible for my budget. Many thanks!

Lloyd Thomson

Everything is going great in my two grow boxes. Thanks guys for all the help!

James Hill

This is the most simple and effective system ever!

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