CFL Stealth Grow Box


We are proud to present one of the most powerful grow boxes in the market. Our CFL grow cabinet runs with 2 strong cfl’s that emmit a total 10.000 lumens of the exact light spectrum your plants love. It is a complete plug and play grow box and you can grow up to four plants.

Weight20 kg
Dimensions43 × 40 × 80 cm

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Nice and powerful. I love the scrog net

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The completely assembled and ready for use CFL grow box we are offering includes:

A. Lights! One of the most important parts of growing your own plants is to reassure they get enough light and we are offering you more than enough!

– 1 X 85W bulb for vegetative stage (cool white) with a total of 5.000 lumens (E27 socket)

– 1 X 85W bulbs for flowering stage (warm white) with a total of 5.000 lumens (E27 socket)

* It’s recommended to use both lamps in flowering stage and you’ll have a total of 10.000 lumens!


B. Stable environment! When you grow yourself you realize that maintaining a perfect environment (PH, temperature, lighting hour control) for your growing beauties is essential.

– Digital thermometer/ hygrometer

– Fully Integrated Cooling System with 2 x 80mm fans.One to provide fresh air and one for exhaust.

– 24h timer to adjust the hours you want the lights to be ON and Off.


C. Security! No need for everyone to see your plants!

– Locker with keys

– Designed to look like a plain cabin

– Odor control with the double activated carbon filter

– LightProof carbon filtered exhaust fan!


D. Space is everything!

– Grow box dimensions: 43cm X 40cm X 80cm height

– The Grow Box is entirely covered in the interior with mylar reflecting material that provides 99% light reflection.

  • You will also receive 2 medium pots.

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