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Grow lettuce at home

Growing plants inside your apartment is simpler than it sounds -- of all the traditional garden vegetables, lettuce is particularly well suited to growing indoors. Many varieties tolerate fluctuations in light, and indoor temperatures tend to be in the appropriate range for optimal growth (65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Plus, many types have shallow roots [...]

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Grow Basil – 5 tips just for you

1. Plant with seeds or a starter plant.  You can also buy a starter plant at a nursery or a grocery store. 2. Well-drained soil is good soil for basil. If you grow yours in containers like I do, the container itself needs to have good drainage holes. 3. Keep the temperature fairly warm with lots of sunlight [...]

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Should i go hydroponics? Pros And Cons

Consider the advantages and disadvantages both of hydroponics as a total working system and of the advantages over soil - that is, is hydroponics better than soil? The disadvantages of hydroponics boil down to: Expense - hydroponics can cost a pretty penny, especially in the beginning Energy and resource usage - the hydroponic gardener relies [...]

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How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors

Good news is: you can try growing a tomato plant indoors, all year long. With good artificial lighting or a bright enough window, you can grow tomatoes indoors, even in the winter time. While certain vegetables require insects or wind for pollination, tomatoes pollinate themselves easily without any help from either the bees or the [...]

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Best herbs to grow indoors

Fresh indoor herbs can not only spice up your meals—they may also help you maintain good health all year long. During dreary winter months, fresh herbs can add vibrant flavor to your cooking. Even better, many herbs have health benefits. So why not bring your herb garden indoors? If you don’t have access to plants [...]

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Essential tools for indoor gardening

Gardening inside residences, buildings, conservatories and greenhouses is considered indoor gardening. Most indoor gardening is carried out in small, compact pots and containers. Having and using the appropriate tools is crucial for carrying out this type of gardening. The specific indoor gardening tools required will depend on the type and size of plants in your garden, [...]

How to Grow Indoors Vegetables and Herbs

How to Grow Indoors Vegetables and Herbs Did you know you can grow edible plants and herbs inside your home? You don't  need a hydroponic setup, a greenhouse, and lots of specialized equipment to grow edible plants year round. Everyone already has what they need to make salads of baby spinach and arugula, wheatgrass for [...]